Sunday, October 19, 2008

Nutritious Dinner Update


(thanks a lot, guys)


Hector Owen said...
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Hector Owen said...

I'm not all that fond of lobstah; you might as well take a piece of white bread and dip it in the melted buttah. [/New England accent] Where I live, in Rhode Island, those things are all around; we sell them to tourists. Caviar, though, I'll eat with a spoon. Even better with blinis and crème fraîche, though Bremner wafers and Brie go well also. Or even those little black bread slices.

If you are going to "spread the wealth around," I mean if you are going to be The One doing the spreading, you would want to be sure that you spread some of it on yourself.

(reposted to fix a spelling error)

Adrian said...

well, maybe i'm wrong about it, wouldn't be the first time! anyway, i've always been a scallops man myself.

Jason The Lee said...

Wait, you're friends with Braden.

Are you a Paulie?