Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The Best Place to Live in America

According to CNN (via Althouse), in the most idyllic town in America, "there's not great ethnic diversity." Bizarre coincidence, or does CNN hate black people?

p.s. that is, assuming that the town isn't, in fact, all-black. Judging by the photo, the happy families are all alike in their whiteness. Though, of course, that could be a pic of the town's besieged WASP minority. Nothing in the text tells us which ethnicity is in fact holding court. Does CNN just assume everyone will know they're talking 'bout crackers? How much more racist can Wolf Blitzer possibly get?

UPDATE: I am going to try and be mature about this, and not sound like a bobbysoxer at a Sinatra concert, but omg omg omg Relapsed Catholic linked to me!!! (I said I would try, not that I would succeed)

If anyone's interested, here are my favorite posts so far (I just started blogging a couple months ago). Thoughts on canadian identity, on a key difference between blacks and jews, and on Islam. Hope you like 'em!


Ginna said...

Except that, CNN lists a lack of ethnic diversity as one of the downsides.
"On the downside, winter is tough, and there's not great ethnic diversity."

So, huh? How is that CNN hating black people?

Adrian said...

I'm just being silly. My point was that the town still got named best in America, and the diversity thing is just considered a minor drawback, almost an afterthought, like a cold winter. Like "It has some beautiful greenery, but, on the downside, women are kept locked up in cages and beaten daily. Oh, and great schools."

Adrian said...

to clarify further, i'm mocking CNN from their own overly sensitive liberal viewpoint. They are lightning quick to air speculation about conservatives' ostensible racism, so I am playing their own game by mocking them for picking a lily-white town as their dream paradise.

jc said...

Umm, not to pick nits, but "cracker" is just in the SE USA. I, personally , prefer to be referred to as a "casper" And even my friends can't call me "honkey".