Sunday, July 1, 2007

"Why Hungary exported so much talent in the 1930s is hard to explain."

Um, no it ain't. We're just that good!

Oh, and as for what unusual phenomenon happened after the thirties to halt the genius of Hungarian Jews, the author is kidding, right?


amba said...

Hey, you're Hungarian??

My husband's from Transylvania. He's a Saxon, but his first language was Hungarian (in fact speaking it was one of the ways he won me over, and he taught me all the bad words), and we've been in Hungary many times. In fact, today we were having buffalo wings in Hillsborough with our friend who studied karate in Hungary for a while and married a Hungarian, and after discussing that for a while and speaking a little Hungarian, J (who has a degree of dementia) thought we were in Hungary.

Adrian said...

I was born and raised in Canada, but my parents are both from Budapest (my dad came over in '47, my mom in the 70s, they met here). I learned Hungarian from them, but since they don't swear (at least not around me), I know almost none of the bad words!
I've only been to Hungary once, for only four days, and loved it. But my parents don't like going, bad memories and all.