Tuesday, September 18, 2007

More MoxVox

Like I said, great show, check it out. In the show I just heard, they were talking about Nicole Richie's decision not to abort her baby even though she's a (quite literal) pinhead. I'm as pro-life as they come, but even I will admit to feeling very uneasy about someone as unhealthy as Richie having children. But, don't despair, I've figured out the solution: she should have the baby, and then eat it.

Moxie then blew my mind by talking about Matthew Good. Man, I haven't heard that name in ages. Good times. I'm not a fan myself, but I remember this video was huge when I was a kid. We all used to hang out in the junior room after the Saturday morning tennis clinic to watch the MuchMusic Countdown, and this is what we saw:

Like I said, not a fan, but nostalgia will do wonders. A Canadian band that I liked a bit more that never broke through in the States is The Tragically Hip. This is my favorite (oops, favourite) of theirs:

And I'll admit to a bit of a Sarah McLachlan fixation back in the day:

Ooh, ooh, (it's all coming back to me now), don't forget Our Lady Peace. They were HUGE:

Meanwhile, the ones who did make it big were Celine, Nelly, and Avril. Yuck.

Well, to end this post on a high note, I hope we can all agree to love Shania!

UPDATE: OMG, I almost forgot... Robin Sparkles! Wait for the Mulroney cameo!

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