Monday, September 17, 2007

Radio Days

So to give you an idea of how adventurous my life is, my favorite thing about the time difference here in Seoul is that I get to listen to Hugh Hewitt every morning while eating breakfast! I'm basically living off of online radio these days, Hewitt every morning, and if I have the day free, Michael Medved and Dr. Laura, too. (Yes, I'm a big Dr. Laura fan, been listening to her all my life, and I am my kids' mom [no, not really, but I have been very diligent with child support]). And, before I go to sleep, a little Dennis Prager, too, he's probably my favorite, seems like such a wise, decent man. Last but certainly not least, MoxVox. I just discovered Moxie's blog and her podcast a couple days ago via Althouse, and they're great, you should check her out. Radio, as you may have noticed by now, plays a big part in my life (I remember being ecstatic, driving home from Boston, that I was able to hear Laura Ingraham all the way into Montreal before it cut out [talk radio in Montreal is awful, just awful, that's when I catch up on my music]) and, believe me, Moxie and her crew are terrific.

Just to prove I'm not a complete radio slore, by the way, I can't stand listening to Mike Gallagher, Sean Hannity, or Bill Bennett. I'm reading Bennett's book now, though, America: The Last Best Hope, and recommend it highly (it's so depressing, though, that there actually is a need for such a book, one that actually defends rather than defames America).

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Moxie said...

Thanks so much for the shout out.

You could start a show too on NowLive, and keep us up to date about the goings on over in Seoul!

But I do know what you mean about talk radio. Tragically addictive. And fun.