Thursday, June 21, 2007

Blogging as Performance Art

I don't know who first described Prof Althouse's oeuvre in those terms, but they were absolutely right on. I was away from the internet for a whole day yesterday (!), and when I heard about the Hillary Clinton Sopranos ad on the news, I swear that my very first thought was, "I cannot wait to read Althouse's post on this." She did not disappoint. I love the glee she so clearly feels in setting up clueless liberals to attack her; my favorite line in the whole affair is her comment here: "My favorite part of all this is that whenever you guys order onion rings, you'll have to think of me. I now own onion rings."

Switching gears, I bet that everyone has a list of inescapable culinary-cultural (cultinary?) associations, things that immediately come to mind every time they see a certain food. Mine: Cannoli? The Godfather. Junior Mints? Seinfeld. Pecan Pie? When Harry Met Sally. Chocolate sauce on the side? When Harry Met Sally. Okay, maybe I just love When Harry Met Sally. Key Lime Pie? Nora Ephron (oops, there I go again). Hard-boiled eggs? Cool Hand Luke. Kippers? Manuel. Carrots? Bugs Bunny/Clark Gable. Quarter-pounder with cheese? Pulp Fiction. And now, the latest addition: Onion Rings? Althouse. I have a great deal more food associations, but those are based in certain moments and people in my private life. Anyway, this is basically the dumbest post ever, I'm just going to stop and go to bed now.

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