Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Disobedience training tomorrow, 12 noon - don't be late!

Who says you don't learn anything at Harvard? I just received an email about a student-run training session tomorrow: "Civil Disobedience Training & Know Your Rights!" An excerpt:
"Before we leave for the summer, come learn about your rights to protest. Come practice non-violent street tactics!
- What is civil disobedience?
- Dealing with authorities and police officers
- Know your rights!
- Non-violent Civil Disobedience and Street tactics
- Escalation and de-escalation
Sponsored by: the Student Labor Action Movement"

The subject line of the email, you ask? "if you wanna be a rebel you gotta KNOW YOUR RIGHTS!" It is wrong for me to smirk. I must admit, I know of no better, more direct and straightforward way of becoming a rebel than attending a training session on how to be a rebel.

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