Friday, May 25, 2007

Talk, Talk, Talk

I watched The Talk of the Town, which was very good, but not great. My main complaint is that Jean Arthur, except for her short interrogation scene, is criminally underused. I mean, yes, she's in almost every scene - but not as her spunky self, just as some generic leading lady. I have a big crush on Jean Arthur, and if you do, too (and you should!), and you want to see that dame at her wise-cracking best, check out The Whole Town's Talking, a very underrated comedy co-starring Edward G. Robinson (!) and directed by John Ford (!).

Kind Hearts and Coronets is hilarious and deserves its classic status. My only complaint is that it's too short - some of Guinness' characters barely get a line out before they're offed. Well, my other complaint is that it's probably this movie that led Eddie Murphy to think The Nutty Professor would be a good idea.

As for Days of Heaven, I haven't watched it yet. The reason I've been able to rent movies this week - the end of school - is also the reason I've been able to play a lot of tennis every day, so I'm really, really tired by the evening. I love Terrence Malick, but I know that his films tend to be slow and lingering (one of my favorites is Badlands, a beautiful movie, much better than Bonnie and Clyde), and I was pretty sure I would fall asleep if I started it. I don't know why I am even sharing this. Blogging is weird sometimes. No, that's not fair - I am weird sometimes. Well, goodnight!

p.s. my other big Old Hollywood crush: Myrna Loy. Like I said, I'm weird. This is what happens when your father was born in 1927.

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