Wednesday, May 23, 2007

God is a Republican

So, remember how I was saying that the only thing Harvard's security guards do, besides sitting on their butts and watching their stories, is supervising package delivery in the mailroom? And remember how I said they performed even that minor task with conspicuous incompetence? Well, it turns out that they really screwed up yesterday. A student had her passport delivered to the dorm, and it was signed for, but now it's gone, lost or stolen. The student is supposed to leave the country tomorrow, but won't be able to unless the passport is miraculously recovered. Quite a stressful situation for her, as we all can understand. The kicker, and the reason for this post's title? The student whose passport was lost or stolen by the security guards is the very girl who was the dorm's most vocal defender of the hunger strike in their name! She is, as a matter of fact, the young lady who coined the phrase displayed in my masthead. I don't wish lost passports or travel hassles on the worst of my enemies, but I'll admit I find this quite entertaining.

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