Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Now that's a coalition!

Now that the security guards are set to go on strike, their student allies are passing the hat around for donations to a strike fund. I don't really have anything to add to my earlier comments on this whole inane affair, but I was quite amused by the long list of student groups involved. Here, straight from the latest email, is the full list:

"The Stand for Security Coalition is: Activate South Asia · Association of Black Harvard Women · Black Men's Forum ·Black Students Association · Fuerza Latina · Graduate Student Council ·Graduate Student Labor Council · Harvard AIDS Coalition · Harvard Coalition for Ugandan Peace · Harvard College Democrats · Harvard College Interfaith Council ·Harvard Progressive Jewish Alliance · Harvard Darfur Action Group · Harvard Initiative for Peace and Justice · Harvard Progressive Advocacy Group ·Harvard-Radcliffe RAZA · Harvard Students for Choice · Latinas Unidas · Latino Men's Collective · Phillips Brooks House Association · Radcliffe Union of Students · Society of Arab Students · South Asian Women's Collective · Student Labor Action Movement · Students Taking On Poverty · Unbound · Undergraduate Council"

The Harvard AIDS Coalition, Harvard Darfur Action Group, Harvard Coalition for Ugandan Peace - I'm glad to see these groups are sticking up for the truly important cause of a living wage for security guards, and not wasting time on frivolous concerns with AIDS, Darfur, or Uganda. It would be a shame, after all, if it turned out that these groups had devolved into little more than run-of-the-mill liberal interest groups. A real shame, that would be.

As for the support of Harvard Students for Choice, well, this only casts the hunger strike in an even more negative light. After all, why risk the health and well-being of fully grown, immensely talented Harvard students, what with their bright futures and limitless potential and all, in such a dangerous and physically taxing protest, when you could just as easily have aborted a fetus or two on the Widener steps? The chances that they would have grown up to become Harvard students too are negligible at best, so it seems quite fair to say that they're rather disposable.

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